Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I'm Doing a qst on 4chan. (Update: QST Failed)

People, I like to announce something very interesting.

The Infamous Image-board Fourms 4Chan has introduced it's new board, /qst/.
If don't know what this one is, let me share you a link:

I have just started a new quest titled  What If Crossover Quest: Captain America vs The (Cartoon) Birds 
The idea is based on a coincidence that happened just recently, I like to join me on this fun qust in the link here:

(Note: I'm still writing the transcript for 1st pilot idea, so don't worry about that, I will announce what would be the pilot episode real soon. So keep voting for the polls until it's time.)

(Update: Whelp, looks like my quest has crashed and burned to fail. I will continue the story someday, but I'm doing the 1st pilot idea transcript right now. So that one will be put on hold til someday.)

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