Friday, December 2, 2016

With many new trailers coming out to hype the shit out of movie goers, you may reconsider watching movie trailers by reading this essay/warning.

“Why do you mean by that?” you said to a certain person.
Because movie trailers are not a piece of experimental art anymore, those trailers nowadays are just bland, generic and atrocious pieces of nothing more but a gimmick to make people extremely (if I mean extremely) hyped up all the time.
Just look at the trailers for any movie in any genre from any medium, live action or animated. Play the trailers side by side and compare. As you noticed that the trailer is similar to the other one, it feels like it's a trend where they have to recycle the editing style from the previous trailers to make this one look the same thing and put it in for a very different movie.
Take this one example, for animated films, a trailer for "The Angry Birds Movie" or "The Peanuts Movie" and put it side-by-side with the trailer of the flop that made us all scream “Stop all those sequel bullshit” with "Ice Age: Collision Course" or for live action films, put the most famous trailers (i.e The Dark Knight, inception, etc.) or trailers for bad movies like "Pixels" and then compare side-by-side with the other (i.e "Ghostbusters 16", "Trans4ormers", "Fant4stick", Any Marvel Movie, Warcraft, etc). Did you notice? It's different movies that have a trailer (or trailers) that were edited the same way as for the previous one. (It's kind of lazy, you know.)
So overall the trailers nowadays are nothing more but a click bait that tries desperately to get people attention by editing the trailers the same way.
And to add the insult to that, it was not edited by film studios or directors, but it was done by those amateur editors from a guru marketing company.
To describe how amateur editors is, imagine if a 5-year-old wanted to recreate the trailer for Inception or a Transformers film by copy and paste the editing style to make a trailer for a different movie and there you go.
The one thing that amateur editors are lazy and dumb is the one simple answer that leads to the problem, they didn't know how trailers work as an experimental piece of art or how to edit trailers in a very different kind of editing style.
It's like if those dumb teenagers are trying to edit something that they didn't do editing before, like they are new to the film business and they didn't know how making films work as an art form; so what they would do, because they have to do tests at college, is to watch a movie trailer, then recycle the movie trailer's editing style just so they would finish it quick and easy.
Don't believe me? Well check out the videos from RLM and IHE and see what I have described.

Because movie trailers nowadays were trying to compete to see how big could a blockbuster would by hyping the shit out those people by purpose, like abusing the hype train for something that would make everyone aware of the part of the marketing. And I'm not the only one who hated and aware movie trailers, there are a couple of articles that focuses on any problem that would a make the trailer worthless.
Take one article from Den of Geek for example about why 80% of people are not too happy with the result of the trailers that those said amateurs made:

“But Wait!” you said to me, “You missed an important question, Why the hell would the moviegoers fell for those movie trailers?”
Simple, the marketing campaigns are trying to shove out all of those 'important' things that were in the film to make it more of a marketable big budget summer or whatever seasonal blockbuster by treating film buffs and geeks like big dumb monkeys.
It means that if they have to hype the film by treating them like idiots, they to either lie or give all of the details away, as in, spoiling the entire film.
The perfect examples of marketing campaigns that treated people like dumb, where Sony's infamously bad yet controversial films, Pixels and Ghostbusters 16, Duncan Jones' Live Action Adaption of Warcraft, and other examples that made movie trailers a bad name to the public, or as known for as one of the slums of the internet.
With the new genetically edited full-length trailers coming out like 2017’s “The Mummy” with Tom Cruise and Micheal “I am going to rehash the same plot from my previous sequel to make it more epic up to eleven” Bay’s “Transformer5: The Last Knight” coming by, there is one recommendation to reconsider watching them, avoid them like the plague and be a better person.
If you don’t follow my advice, you will face the biggest disappointment/letdown of your life and it’s your fault you made the 2nd wave of CGI-fx-heavy big budget blockbusters happen by the hype of the trailer, as in, you are turning the Hollywood industry into a battlefield; It is your fault to ignore critics to defend a franchise that was made by a studio in an identity crisis for some stupid reason.
And it is your fault that you made the CG looked like it was rushed out into crap because of stupid executives thought that with success of such films like “Cameron’s Avatar” and ”Marvel’s The Avengers”, they think CGI-ing everything in a live action film is better than making 50% of the practical effects and 50% CG effects for an average blockbuster.
So in order to save hollywood from dying is to stop a certain francise that was gobbling money all the time.
And all you can do, when the first trailer for “Transformer5” come out on December 14th, is to downvote the trailer on YouTube and say that you will not watch the same old shit again just like “CoD: Infinitive Warfare”.
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As always, thanks for reading this essay and I will see you next time.
Yours truly, the person who does not want to watch at movie trailers at all because I hate them.
(Question: Did you spot any flaws of an average trailer for a hollywood film by any means?)