Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Update Post: Progress of the Current Projects #1

Hey Guys, as you know by now that I am working a new pilot for the web series, BUT, there are going to have changes here.

First, It’s no longer named Movies In-Depth anymore, I decided to change its name because I think that word wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever. So in result, I have changed the name and made a new logo of the series.

And Second, I have decided that I have to review a movie for the pilot. I won’t spoil the surprise for you, but I will leave you a hint that it involves about an artifact that was a dagger with a special power and it has to do with time.

Other Projects like IE has become a side-project, so in case you worried that it’s dead or anything else, it’s okay, IE is not going to be cancelled anytime soon. Right now, IE is at the point that the articles are being worked on, and the demos and patches section is not yet built as so for the What’s New Section.

So stay tuned for more screenshots as IE continues to progress.

As for anything else, I have not opened my patreon yet, but it will be once the 2 video are out.

Oh, did I said 2 videos? I mean I will plan to post the episodes every Monday and Friday.

And yes, I have planned to make the 2nd episode once the first one complete. And here’s another hint but this time it’s for the 2nd video that it has to do with the host city of this year’s Olympic Games, I think there was an animated film that was centred on this city that was released 5 years ago.

So with that done, I hope you have known more about the current state of the projects, I have really worked hard making those things and hope that the projects would be done in time.

Til then, I will be seeing you next time from the sands of time in the bunker shack.

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