Wednesday, August 17, 2016

So, you hate the new metal gear game, eh? Well this post is for you, FucKonami Protesters (A Very Short Annoucement)

I have decided to plan a mega campaign to save Konami and bring back Kojima by getting Konami to purchase his company in protest of Metal Gear Survival.

I have planned for an election to see who would be the leader of this protest and create the petition to stop the crapening!

The Election will last from now til' September 10th.

If you want to step up to become the leader of de' coup, all you need is your name and your purpose to save Konami on the Chatzy channel.

Entries will be accepted from now til august 29th and only 4 lucky people will become candidates.

To join the Chatzy channel, all you need is a username and that's it. The password is FucKonami.

Chatzy link:

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