Friday, September 9, 2016

The Update Post: The Other Stuff that I have worked on

Hey, Guys, I like to tell you that I have started production on the first episode of Popped in Movies, but….
I have a fun idea in mind to stuff, but before I could go on that topic, I will tell you the recent events that were going on in the process of the stuff that I was doing…

Movie Crashing Quest

It’s been a while since my first attempt to host a quest on 4chan and now I have done my second attempt to host a quest and it was successful.

Recently, I have created a series of quests that asks the question, what if you could play along in a movie like an RPG then ruin it for the fun of it or maybe if you could send a character or anything else to another movie and crash it in here. The idea was just like Film Reroll, but with an extra spice in it.

I have hosted its first quest on Wreck-It Ralph and lasted 2 threads before I took a break for a while and started its second quest on The End of Evangelion with another GM by the name of Ishmael , this one is still ongoing so if you want to join the crash, then go to 4Chan’s qst board and find The Crashing of Evangelion aka, Crashing The End of Evangelion  thread to play along with him or read the previous threads on TINATE:
On the other stuff that I am doing here

The Other Stuff

Long story short, I have been working on a Crazy Impossible Osu Beatmap of Sadistic.Music Factory, My little re-edits of Blockbuster Buster’s  Angry Birds Movie Review (To my opinion on the movie, The Angry Birds Movie was decent and okay, no big deal here),The Mr. Enter Reviews of Norm of the North and Dorbees and possibly maybe IE.

Now with that done, let me tell you about my fun idea.

You see, while I was doing the production on the first episode, I have one thought in my head; What if I could write a story through multiple perspectives via character blogs and twitter accounts with interaction by the readers.

Let’s imagine if Judy Hops, Aang, Hatsune Miku, Shaggy, Dean Winchester, Abby Sciuto and Sue Syvester have their own blogs and twitter accounts to tell the entire story through different perspectives.

I know that sounds weird or stupid, etc. but I had just feel like making a story that also doubles as an experiment.

Very soon that idea would become a reality once that I have thought out the plot.
For now, I am watching The Crashing of Evangelion grow on 4chan as the quest progresses, so stay tuned for more updates on the blog as it progresses.

Until then, that’s all the updates that I had. Thanks for reading and I will see you later on The Bunker Shack.

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