Sunday, September 18, 2016

I got permabanned on 4chan for a crime that I did not commit.

Hey guys, I got some bad news to you that I'm completely permabanned for a crime that I did not commit, why? I don't know, I think it was because of a troll who is trying to frame me for child pornography.

Read the following statement about the false ban:

You have been permanently banned from all boards for the following reason: 

Posting, requesting, or advertising child pornography is strictly forbidden, and against the law.

Your ban was filed on September 2nd, 2016This ban will not expire. 

According to our server, your IP is: ***.***.***.**. The name you were posting with was Anonymous.

I wrote in response to the false ban:

Dear 4chan, I do not post child pornography on the boards. I don't know why I got falsely banned for a crime that I do not commit.
So would you please unban me please so I could continue posting stuff that's not related to child porn including my movie crashing quest?
Sincerely yours, Andrew Alderson (AKA, The God Tier GM who is still on vacation.)
Could you help me prove that I'm an innocent anon who did not post child porn at all?

Update: WTF 4chan, I have sent my plea and you denied it? Why would you ignore my plea? I think the ban system is broken and it needs to be fixed. Please Spread the word and help me get unbanned so I could get back to play my movie crashing quest!

Update 2: I have gone to Rizon and message the 4chan mods, now I have to wait for the response. I will keep trying to get unbanned so I will find another host to start the 3rd Movie Crashing Quest!

Update 3: I Got to hang out with a 4chan mod and lifted the false ban, that's god news from here.

I got the IRC Chat Transcript right here:

[09:02] <ALTERNATIVE> what did you do, then
[09:03] <TheGodTierGM> I have a false ban for child pron
[09:03] <ALTERNATIVE> the image you posted is registered as child porn, what do you think happened instead?
[09:04] <TheGodTierGM> I did not post child porn
[09:04] <TheGodTierGM> at all
[09:04] <ALTERNATIVE> do you remember what image you posted when you first got banned?
[09:05] <TheGodTierGM> I told you before, I did not post any images related to child porn at all
[09:05] <ALTERNATIVE> Do you remember what image you posted when you first got a message saying you were banned or not
[09:07] <TheGodTierGM> I think it was a sceencap from a movie that has nothing to do with childporn
[09:07] <ALTERNATIVE> You can do to simply answer my questions, this is just to get more information from you
[09:08] <ALTERNATIVE> in your appeal, you stated that this ban was made for someone else, in here you are saying the image was detected wrong
[09:08] <ALTERNATIVE> so those two are now at odds with each other
[09:08] <TheGodTierGM> Ok, I will give it the link to the thread.
[09:08] <ALTERNATIVE> can you please try to describe the content of the image you posted when you recieved the ban?
[09:08] <TheGodTierGM> just hold on a moument
[09:08] <ALTERNATIVE> Just give me a description, don't link to a thread or an archived post
[09:09] <ALTERNATIVE> a post will not exist for this ban
[09:09] <TheGodTierGM> It's a screencap from Real Steel on  Movie Crashing Quest: The Crashing of Evangeleon (or, The End of Evangelion) Thread 4 on 09/16/16(Fri) at 17:53:57
[09:10] <ALTERNATIVE> do you still have this image on your computer?
[09:10] <TheGodTierGM> yes
[09:10] <ALTERNATIVE> what is the filename of the image?
[09:10] <TheGodTierGM> 1473844798657.jpg
[09:11] <ALTERNATIVE> this is not the image you were banned for
[09:11] <TheGodTierGM> What?
[09:11] <ALTERNATIVE> I mean that statement literally
[09:11] <ALTERNATIVE> It is possible that you posted an image before this one, recieved an error message, then tried to post this.
[09:11] <ALTERNATIVE> At that time, you would have seen the ban page
[09:12] <ALTERNATIVE> however, you were banned for the image that generated the error message in the first place
[09:12] <ALTERNATIVE> an image named 1473844798657.jpg is not what you were banned for
[09:12] <ALTERNATIVE> do you remember at any point getting an error message, before seeing a banned page
[09:12] <TheGodTierGM> That's posible for a faulse ban
[09:12] <TheGodTierGM> sorry for my grammar
[09:13] <ALTERNATIVE> It is not likely you picked up a banned IP so soon after it was made, please try to recall getting an error message
[09:15] <TheGodTierGM> I remember posting a thank you in the movie crashing quest on the end of evangelion when I saw the error message: You are Banned
[09:15] <ALTERNATIVE> an error message would be seperate from a ban message
[09:16] <ALTERNATIVE> do you remember what boards you were posting on around that time
[09:16] <TheGodTierGM> It was Movie Crashing Quest: The Crashing of Evangeleon (or, The End of Evangelion) Thread 4
[09:16] <TheGodTierGM> The quest was just finished
[09:16] <ALTERNATIVE> Do you remember what board
[09:16] <ALTERNATIVE> I am assuming /qst
[09:17] <TheGodTierGM> that's right
[09:17] <ALTERNATIVE> than you
[09:17] <ALTERNATIVE> please search your files for the following image
[09:17] <ALTERNATIVE> images (1).jpg
[09:17] <ALTERNATIVE> that is the filename
[09:17] <ALTERNATIVE> please let me know when you find this file
[09:18] <TheGodTierGM> I don't have (1).jpg on my computer
[09:18] <ALTERNATIVE> it is images (1).jpg
[09:18] <ALTERNATIVE> inluding the space
[09:19] <TheGodTierGM> No, I do not have the image (1).jpg, inluding the space, on my computer at all
[09:19] <ALTERNATIVE> there are a few more questions and then we are done
[09:19] <TheGodTierGM> ok
[09:19] <ALTERNATIVE> how often do you post on 4chan?
[09:20] <TheGodTierGM> Sometimes, a lot
[09:20] <ALTERNATIVE> what was the date that you first saw this banned message?
[09:20] <TheGodTierGM> yesterday
[09:21] <ALTERNATIVE> did you make an appeal at that time?
[09:21] <TheGodTierGM> yes
[09:21] <ALTERNATIVE> had you posted at all the week before you first noticed you were banned, or was this the first time
[09:22] <TheGodTierGM> I was hanging around on the Movie Crashing Quest: The Crashing of Evangeleon (or, The End of Evangelion) Thread 4
[09:22] <TheGodTierGM> and the threads before it
[09:22] <ALTERNATIVE> in the course of hanging around that thread in the week before yesterday, were you posting at all
[09:23] <ALTERNATIVE> or just 'hanging around'
[09:23] <TheGodTierGM> I post a lot in those threads, here is my previous threads including the latest one:
[09:23] <ALTERNATIVE> I have no real use for archive sites
[09:24] <ALTERNATIVE> do you have any posts that are still up on 4chan
[09:24] <TheGodTierGM> Yes,
[09:24] <ALTERNATIVE> please link to one of your personal posts that are still up
[09:24] <TheGodTierGM> ok, hold on
[09:25] <ALTERNATIVE> (you can link directly to a post by clicking the "No." link before the post number)
[09:26] <TheGodTierGM> Here it is, the latest thread:
[09:26] <ALTERNATIVE> okay, you're saying that you made this thread?
[09:27] <TheGodTierGM> Yes, along with the others except one which it was made by callmeishmael, the host of the second movie crashing quest
[09:28] <ALTERNATIVE> How is it that your english in the thread is fine and it's terrible here
[09:29] <TheGodTierGM> Sorry for my poor grammar, please forgive me.
[09:29] <ALTERNATIVE> okay thanks for answering all my questions
[09:29] <ALTERNATIVE> in the future, if you have a problem and you need help, please don't spam people with it
[09:29] <ALTERNATIVE> you don't need to repeat your statement every few minutes
[09:29] <TheGodTierGM> Is that mean that I'm free from the false ban?
[09:30] <ALTERNATIVE> in the future, simply leave your message and wait for a reply
[09:30] <ALTERNATIVE> at this time your ban should be lifted
[09:30] <TheGodTierGM> Ok.
[09:30] <TheGodTierGM> Thanks for helping me get rid of the false ban
[09:31] <ALTERNATIVE> sure
[09:31] <TheGodTierGM> Just one more question
[09:32] <TheGodTierGM> Will the false ban go away
[09:32] <ALTERNATIVE> What?
[09:32] <TheGodTierGM> anytime soon?
[09:32] <ALTERNATIVE> it's already lifted
[09:32] <TheGodTierGM> Oh! Thanks.

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