Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I'm Doing a qst on 4chan. (Update: QST Failed)

People, I like to announce something very interesting.

The Infamous Image-board Fourms 4Chan has introduced it's new board, /qst/.
If don't know what this one is, let me share you a link:

I have just started a new quest titled  What If Crossover Quest: Captain America vs The (Cartoon) Birds 
The idea is based on a coincidence that happened just recently, I like to join me on this fun qust in the link here:

(Note: I'm still writing the transcript for 1st pilot idea, so don't worry about that, I will announce what would be the pilot episode real soon. So keep voting for the polls until it's time.)

(Update: Whelp, looks like my quest has crashed and burned to fail. I will continue the story someday, but I'm doing the 1st pilot idea transcript right now. So that one will be put on hold til someday.)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Update: Redoing the Transcript for PotU: A Look to the Worst Animated Movies Ever

Hey Guys, I like to bring an update that the transcript is getting a redo.

Why I am doing the redoing? I think that my first draft of the transcript is not perfect, So what I am going is to redo it to become draft 2 and in this one will make sense than the 1st one.

So keep a eye on more blog posts and updates on the progress of the pilot.

You can still vote the poll if you have time to do so, I don't mind.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Apology + New Blog Post coming soon

Hey Guys, it’s me again.

I’m sorry that I did made something stupid yesterday of the whole “someone is paying the critics” shenanigans yesterday on 4chan, I had dearly apologize for the mess that I made, I did not mean to cause a fuss about it.

Thank goodness I have cancelled the blog post, and yes people, I think that idea for a post is completely stupid in a way possible.

So with that out of the way here, I am working on another post that will be more interesting than that stupid idea, I writing about the history of how Sony’s stupid blunders and mistakes made Sony Pictures the giant laughingstock in Hollywood history.

For this one I need your help to give me facts and sources about Sony while writing this.

The post will look into 3 acts onto each time-line of Sony’s own blunders and how it became a giant joke we know now:

    Act 1. Sony and the Big Budget Commercial: This Act follows the back-story of the behind the scenes drama of Sony’s 2011 film The Smurfs (aka The S.I.N.O), how they paid big budgets on adding product placement in the movie and made it into a Full-Length Commercial instead of a Full Length Film and how Sony began to act stupid.
    Act 2. The Sony Hacks and The Downfall: This act follows the events of the 2014 Sony Hacks, the drama behind the making of the good idea that went horrible movie adaption of the short film Pixels and how Sony makes bad decisions after the critical disaster of the film.
    Act 3. Sony’s Own Frankenstein Monster: The Creation of The Angry Birds Movie and the Unfortunate Future of Sony Pictures: The Final Act follows the collaboration of Sony and Rovio in their attempt to bring Angry Birds to the big screen and how the fatal mistakes and blunders makes Sony Pictures’ future more grimmer and unfortunate.
If you have any facts or information about any of those things that Sony did in the past or present, reply to me; I will respond to you when I will be still writing.

The post will take hours, even days, we will see how this go well.

Friday, May 20, 2016

A New Scandal on the Rise? (Canceled due to frustration)

Why The Angry Birds Movie got bashed by Critics? Because someone is paying them.

New Post will be release in a few hours with a theory that will shake Hollywood and the film industry forever.


Because of frustration (and yes, that was stupid idea for a blog post) the post i'm writing on is canceled, so you can relax now people.

No more flame here.