Friday, June 3, 2016

Here it is: I have written the intro of the First Pilot Idea.

Well people, I would like to update you with the status of the first pilot idea, I have finished the Intro of this Transcript and I have started writing on the first entry of my first pilot idea, I do not want to spoil what the first entry would be, well let me say I would leave you a hint or two at the end of the post.

So without further to do here, here it is.

When I think about animation, I think about the good ones that animation has to offer.

Then, when I think about Films, I think the best things that ever accomplished to mankind.

After that, I think about Animated Films, the ones that helped represent animation as an art form.

When I looked into Animated Films, I remember such moments that represented how great and memorable could these ones be.

In some moments, it could make us laugh, some make us cry, in other kinds, it makes our hearts move, in some kinds, makes it beautiful and breathtaking; even in moments that make us cheer or some that makes us heartbroken and feel bad about the good guys that we rooted for; and also don’t forget in moments like these could make us fear for our wits in our childhood.

(Cue clip of Ludwig from Watership Down killing a rabbit while audio for Monty Python and the Quest of the Holy Grail was heard, then cut to the clip of the same film.)

Yeah those are the moments that makes us smile (or maybe some moments could make us scared in some cases) and enjoy those times that makes it more memorable and fun to watch, of course even for the decent, yet weak, films that didn’t live up to become one of the greats, could be considered watchable or go “Meh, no thank you.”

However, when there was a side of great strengths that made an animated film so great and memorable, then there was some animated films that has a dark and ugly side.

And those films made the scar-marks of animation that leaves behind such treacherous trauma in that medium.

Leaving behind some of the most awful, cringe-worthy, pieces of that terrible, no-good godawful wastes of trash to ever reign terror in animation history; Waiting to attempt brainwashing to the audience like alien pods from those bad cheesy science fiction movies.

Well let me clear it up easily, I am talking about the horrendous, most cringe-worthy, wastes of such godawful trash that has ever exist to man; And we are going to look face-to-face on some of the worst animated films that where ever made by analyzing some of the infamously bad animated films that was hated by the critics and audiences by discovering the flaws and how would it been more better if they don’t make those mistakes, meddling the films to death, or if they didn’t screw up in this two-part pilot episode of Movies In-Depth

I’m Andrew Lewis, and this is Portrait of the Ugly: A Look to the Worst Animated Movies Ever Made.

(Cue a montage of clips from the critically panned animated films, along with others clips as the song “Not One of Us” from The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride plays.)

So what did you think about my Intro?

Doe it have problems to my grammar? Does it make sense? Who knows, just go to the comments section below and type to your thoughts about my intro.

Before I go, I would give you a hint about the first one in this painful road to the worst animated films; What animated film that was not only it was considered bad but it was also it is "Annoying. UNGODLY ANNOYING. Just when you think it needs to take a break from being annoying, that's when it gets even MORE ANNOYING!"
What quote belongs to?

And also, let me bring this review of a very crappy fighter from a multimedia gaming mag, which provides a hint for something  that would be intresting.

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