Friday, June 17, 2016

Annoucement: PotU on Hold, New Project Coming to your Way soon.

Hey, Guys, it’s me again.

Listen closely, I always wanted to start something big for Movies InDepth with an analysis of some of the worst animated films that were ever made with a 2 part pilot I called it Portrait of the Ugly, I knew that in frustration that this one is going to be a little tricky at hand.

I Have announced that the writing of the transcript is on hold to focus on something different for a change before handling the tricky stuff just to finish writing for the rest of the transcript.

In the meantime, I have another announcement to make. And this will be sure that this one would be the one idea that I would be interested to make.

Have you remember the multimedia magazines with the video and audio content on a cd-rom with the goodies in it?

Well, I’m going to revive the multimedia mag format with the one that some gamers remember, while the gamers does not.

I would like to introduce to this mag with a logo.

This is Interactive Entertainment, a multimedia gaming magazine that brings reviews of classic games and the latest hits, bringing you hints and tips on the game if you are stuck, and more.

If you don’t know about the magazine in pacticular, here are examples of some the games the IE has covered in the past:

I have planned to launch the mag this summer with Episode 0 available for download free.

After the episode is out, I have planned for subscription cost for IE that will be available in Digital copies first, then Physical Copies second.

The cost for IE Subscription per mouth is $5.99 CAD/$4.69 USD, per Five Months is $12.50 CAD/$9.70 USD and per Year is $24.44 CAD/$18.98 USD.

The Engine that I am going to use for the episodes is Macromedia Director to practice on making software (and possibly, making games.)

I do not had any plans on the date of Episode 0 yet, but I will keep you updated on the progress on the episode as time moves on.

For now, I hope you would be relaxed and being comfortable for the incoming return of IE.

Til then, I will see you later, Maniac Gamers and I will see you on the Bunker Shack and Episode 0 of the new IE.

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