Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The One Flaw of Finding Dory: A Short Explaination

Why would you make a sequel of a beloved movie completely screw up the continuity?

No, really, why would you screw up a sequel to Finding Nemo (which it is releasing to theaters this week) that completely makes a continuity problem out of it?

If the movie takes place 1 year after Finding Nemo, it should have been released in 2006, or better, it would have been released in 2011 if Cars 2 was canceled because it was a stupid idea anyway and would have instead would take place 6 years after Nemo.

If you are going to release the movie this year, it would have been interesting if it takes place 13 years after Nemo, we would have been seeing the characters grown up like Nemo as a teenager with the same voice actor from the first movie.

Sure you got the characters from Nemo returning for the sequel and also you got new characters here in the sequel, but what's important here is continuity, and that's the issue for the sequel.

Making a movie 1 Year after Nemo for a sequel that was released in 2016 sounds like if the executives did something to Andrew Santon very hard that they don't want to take place 13 years the movie but instead take place 1 year after it, because obviously they want to make Nemo stay as a kid for the sequel for merchandise reasons. (Like literally, there were many merch out there in stores that they have Nemo as kid as seen in the previous promos for the first one photoshopped in for obvious and rename the merch from the first movie's title to the sequel title to give Dory a shot of it's merchandise medicine in the package of many FD merchandises out there.)

It's just wrong for a sequel and it could screw the continuity up a notch just because Disney was so greedy enough to turn Nemo into a cash cow.

Congratulations, Disney. You made Nemo the Anakin Skywalker of Pixar Films, you've been prepping up for a big disappointment in Animation History.

To celebrate your disappointment, here's a quote from Angry Joe here, it means that "You have done f*cked it up!"

And thank god I have avoided the trailers, if I have seen the trailers for the film, it could give away the entire film from beginning to end.

If I said it clear to you, let me sum it up, if you have seen the trailers for Finding Dory or Ghostbusters '16 (Yes, the one that made the internet was freak out that was also releasing this week.), then you have seen the entire movie. As in the trailers has given you away the surprises, hints, and plotlines here.

If I have to analyze the sequel even further here, I will wait for the sequel to come out on Blu-Ray combo pack to come out.

In that way, I've been sure that I will completely explain what would the sequel do right or wrong here, you know.

I got an announcement to tell you about a new multimedia gaming mag that surely will make the maniac gamers feel home from here.

As always, I will see you in the bunker shack and thank you for your patience,

-Andrew Lewis

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